Starting with today there will be a special silly questionnaire with all the KIAC bandmembers. We thought that Kitty is so much in the focus, that now it is time to put the spotlight on us boys a bit - but don't worry: Kitty will be featured in the Silly Q as well! :D Just stay tuned.

Today we are starting out with our creature of the night: Billy the Bat. Check it out HERE

Our single "Sticks & Stones" is out already! 

You can download the single here: 



Well, not long, until the single "Sticks & Stones" will be out and available on iTunes or Amazon (actually preorders are available already). We are more than excited to put this one out. It's the first piece of our new and upcoming album "Kiss & Hell" which will be out on Feb 26th. The new KIAC aera starts now and we hope you all will be a part of it!

Also we announced a buch of new tour dates - check them out in our "Shows" section. More news and show dates are coming soon!


Ladies and Gentlemen! We have some great news - today there will be an exclusive world premiere of our brandnew musicvideo for the new single "Sticks & Stones". So if you wanna be the first to check it out make sure to visit the RockabillyRules Website later today (Click on the picture to get to the site). Once its available we will share the news. So stay tuned and be ready!


Lets do this! Be the first to see the brandnew video to „Sticks & Stones“ taken from our upcoming album “Kiss & Hell"

Das Warten hat ein Ende: Vorhang auf, für unser brandneues Video zu „Sticks & Stones“ vom kommenden Album „Kiss & Hell“




We have a message from Jack Wallen, there's a novel coming along with our new album "Kiss & Hell". How awesome is that ?

"Finally I can reveal the cover for the next book in the Last Casket series, Kiss & Hell, starring the horror punk icons, Kitty in a Casket Casket. The book is already available for pre-order and will be released on the same day that Kitty In a Casket release their new album of the same title! So check out the companion album from the band.

It started in the casket. It continues with a kiss. Vengeance is a dish best served with rock and roll.

Horror punk icons Kitty in a Casket return to Jack Wallen's I Zombie world in the hell raising sequel to The Last Casket. Join Kitty and her crew of misfit rockers as they once again crash through the apocalypse with their sites set on survival. Reserve your copy now.



feat. Kitty Casket – Main Vocals Billy The Bat – Guitar, Backing Vocals Tom Mooner – Bass, Upright Bass Todd Flash – Guitar, Backing Vocals Max van Angst – Drums

Kitty Casket riding a bomb, an eye on the apocalypse behind her. What a sight! Perhaps a sight for the gods? Or maybe rather one for the devil? Is Kitty really responsible for the end of the world? Is she a demon or an angel? Man-eating vamp or seductive Aphrodite? Bitter-sweet temptation or diabolical ruin? So many questions, and only one way of finding out: Kiss & Hell, the new album by Austrian punk´n`roll act Kitty In A Casket, featuring the attractive vocalist on the above-mentioned explosive mission, holds all the answers. Kiss & Hell is not only the fourth album release by her band, it’s also their most authentic recording to date. The reasons for this? The intoxicating energy that Kitty In A Casket are known for, and not only on stage. The wonderfully morbid charm that their lyrics ooze, always tongue in cheek, of course. The diversity of their punk rock compositions which alternate between brusque and sensitive, between humorous and deadly serious, between fictitious and autobiographical. That’s why Kitty Casket says with some justification: “Kiss & Hell is our most honest album, it’s a real part of us and shows what we are like and how we feel.”

Part of this world of emotions is the band members’ shared penchant for bizarre stories with eerily wonderful content. As for example in the video supporting ´Sticks & Stones, the first single release from the album, which has Kitty plunge into the realm of the undead, causing the involuntarily murderous demise of the men which take her fancy. “We love that ironic playing on horror and drama,” says Kitty. “Of course none of this should be taken too seriously, there’s always a sense of humour behind it.” The content and stylistic direction of ´Sticks & Stones are very much in the tradition of the band’s three previous albums – even if the ukulele at the beginning of the track was a first for Kitty In A Casket – and feature all the typical trademarks that their fans appreciate. Like the next number, ´Lurking In The Dark, with its breathtaking speed, spirited guitars and Kitty’s melodic vocals. ´Straight To Hell is another song which proves the group’s unbridled enthusiasm, an uptempo ditty with a strong hookline and the tried-and-tested KIAC esprit.

But Kiss & Hell presents yet another side, one that Kitty In A Casket have never shown before, ranging from the straightforward, wonderfully breezy fun punk track ´St. Tropezthrough the German-language number ´Feuer & Eis, which has Kitty sound more aggressive than usual, revealing new facets to her voice, to the final acoustic track ´Gone`, which sees the vocalist come to terms with a very personal and tragic story from her life. Kitty explains: “This song reveals more mercilessly than ever before a bitter moment of my emotional life.”

Kiss & Hell was produced by KIAC guitarist Billy The Bat and mixed by their first bassist Marc van Dark, who had a (sensitive) finger in the pie of all previous KIAC releases. The 13 new songs were mastered at the Sage Audio Nashville Mastering Studio in Nashville, where Dirt Rice by the Mad Caddies, among others, was also finalised.

And yes, there still is the unanswered question relating to Kitty’s allegedly dubious role in that end-of-the-world scenario. If you turn the booklet over and look at the back you will find that it’s not explosives but kisses that escape from the bomb. So luckily, Kitty does not appear to be responsible for the total apocalypse. Or has she deceived us again?


TOUR Announcement

Ein krasses Rock ‚n’ Roll Paket auf Tour im März 2016:


18.3. Erfurt (D), From Hell 19.3. Wetzikon (CH), Hall Of Fame 20.3. Salzburg (A), Rockhouse 21.3. München (D), Feierwerk 22.3. Frankfurt (D), Das Bett 23.3. Köln (D), MTC 24.3. Hagen aTW (D), Stock 25.3. Hamburg (D), Logo 26.3. Berlin (D), Wild At Heart

Dieses internationale Rock ‚n’ Roll Paket hat es in sich: Mit den deutschen Rock ‚n’ Rollern V8WANKERS, den Punkrockern PSYCHOPUNCH aus Schweden, der Punk-Rockabilly Band KITTY IN A CASKET aus Österreich und den norwegischen Fast-Forward Rockern THE CARBURETORS gehen vier krasse Live-Acts gemeinsam auf Tour im März 2016.

V8WANKERS: 15 Jahre V8Wankers, 15 Jahre Speerspitze des deutschen Rock 'n' Rolls. Anno 2016 gehen die Big Block Rocker noch einmal, mit der gerade erschienenen Jubiläumsbox "Separate Boys From Men" auf Geburtstagstour und zelebrieren ausschweifende Clubgig Partys mit illustren Gästen.

PSYCHOPUNCH: Was kann einem Psychopunch-Fan Besseres passieren, als von seinen Idolen immer wieder überrascht zu werden? Von einer Band also, die nach zehn Alben nach wie vor die Fähigkeit besitzt, sich permanent weiterzuentwickeln und gleichzeitig ihre Energie aufs Wesentliche zu fokussieren, sprich: auf traditionellen Punkrock mit der Gabe zur Hymnenbildung. Willkommen in der Welt von Sweet Baby Octane (VÖ: 20.11.2015 auf Steamhammer/ SPV)! Es ist das elfte Album der schwedischen Formation, die sich farbenfroh und vielseitig wie nie zuvor präsentiert.

KITTY IN A CASKET: Für die Punk-Rock/ Rockabilly Band aus Wien um Sängerin Kitty Casket geht es bald wieder richtig los: Nach drei Studioalben, Europa- und USA-Tourneen – u.a. mit "The Exploited", "The Other", "Dead Kennedys", "Mad Sin" und "The Creepshow“ sowie zahlreichen Festivalshows wie bei dem "WGT - Wave Gotik Treffen“, "Nova Rock“ in Österreich, "Psychobilly Meeting" in Spanien oder dem "Fiesta du Rock" und "Sjock" in Belgien, erscheint im Februar 2016 ihr neues Album „Kiss & Hell“auf Rodeostar Records/ SPV.

THE CARBURETORS, die bereits seit fast 15 Jahren ihr Unwesen in ganz Europa treiben, sind mit allem, was sie machen, zu 100% authentisch. Lederjacke, Bluejeans, Sonnenbrille, breitbeiniger Stand, hier werden keine Klischees bedient sondern Rock-Ideologien demonstrativ gelebt. Und wenn nötig, dem Tod lachend ins Gesicht geschaut. Deshalb der Titel ihrer neuen Scheibe „Laughing In The Face Of Death“ (VÖ: 20.11.2015 auf Steamhammer/ SPV), ein prächtiges Manifest handgemachter Rockmusik. Eine Scheibe, die alle Fragen beantwortet und keine Wü nsche offen lässt. Rock´n`Roll halt!